A holiday gives you the time and opportunity to be pampered! Our masseuse and beautician are happy to help you (advance booking required)!

Traditional massages

The classic massages
The well-known techniques of classical massage give back strength and vitality.
Classic full body massage 50 minutes: 55,00 Euro

Footzone massage
The whole human being is reflected in the foot: all the bones, muscles, organs, nerves and the life history. After a short, warming massage of the feet, the individual sections of the foot are treated alternately and the reflexive areas of the body become activated.
40minutes - 45,00 €

South Tyrolean relaxation massage with black berries
The unique relaxation massage with gentle, rhythmic movements transports you into the world of the senses. The black berries in synergy with high quality oils nourishes and smoothes the skin. The soothing warmth relaxes the muscles.
50 minutes - 58,00 €

Special massages

Sports Massage
This massage is recommended after a hike in the mountains and all sporting activities. With applications of massage and stretchings the muscles are loosened and tensions become dissolved. The warming ointment and the alpine oil support muscle regeneration.
50 minutes - 60,00 €

Intensive back massage
An intensive treatment for the claimed back. Due to the hot roll enriched with herbs, the back is optimally prepared for the massage. The combination of special massage techniques and herbal oils will help to regenerate the muscles and remove blockages. A special ointment completes the treatment.
50 minutes - 60,00 €

Massage with wooden sticks
Feel nature directly on the body with traditional rods from South Tyrolean pine. This massage is a unique experience. The muscles are loosened and relaxed. The power of various conifers strengthens the respiratory system and the immune system. A walk through the South Tyrolean forests.
50 minutes - 60,00 €